Typical Sink Drain Repair Needs

Your sink drain is something in your house that goes virtually unnoticed until you have a problem with it; then it becomes very apparent how vitally important sinks are to your everyday routines. There are the sinks in the washrooms that come in handy for cleaning, sinks in the bathrooms where you get ready for your day and sinks in your kitchen that help you prepare your important meals. Here are some typical sink drain repair needs and some ways to prevent them from getting clogged in the first place.

Leaking Seal around the Fixture

There is a washer where the sink basin meets the drain line to keep it from leaking. This washer will degrade over time and may need to be replaced or have a bead of silicone placed around it.

Clogged Trap

A sink drain repair that is common is a clogged trap. These are designed to catch debris before it goes too far down the drain pipe. They are also designed to come apart easily and be cleaned or replaced if necessary.

Crack in Drain Line

Sink DrainSometimes sink drain lines will develop small cracks in them and leak, when this happens that section of line will need to be replaced. It’s not so easy if the lines are made of metal pipes but it is a pretty easy job to replace them if PVC pipe is used.

How to Prevent Clogs or a Sink Drain Repair

Once a Month Pour Hot Water Down the Drain

Every once in a while it is a great idea to pour some very hot water down your sink drains, this is especially true for kitchen sinks. It will get rid of such things as grease and other buildups inside the pipes that will eventually cause a clog.

Make sure Screens and Grates are in Place

Preventing solids from getting into the drain trap or the drain piping is essential to avoiding calling a plumber to do a sink drain repair. Make sure your screens and grates are in place over the drain opening to prevent hair and solid debris from making it into the drain itself. Clear screens and grates at least once a week also.

Use a Natural Home Remedy to Unclog Slow Drains

A mixture of baking soda and vinegar makes an excellent drain cleaner if left to do its work overnight. If you are experiencing a drain in one of your sinks starting to go down slowly then give this proven drain cleaning method a try.

Periodically Insert a Small Drain Snake

It is a good idea for everyone to keep a small hand cranked drain snake among their household tools. These can clean your sink drains, tub drains and your all-important toilet drains too. About once every three months it’s a good idea just to run this down the drains in your home to make sure the lines are clear.

The bottom line is you need to take care of your sink drain piping and get it repaired right away if there is a problem with it.