How to Stop Hidden Plumbing Leaks

If you found a leaking pipe pouring water into your room, what would you do? Of course, you would get it fixed immediately. If not, your home would be ruined.  But what if you have a leak somewhere in the depths of the system that you cannot see with the naked eye? It will not damage any of your belongings in front of your eyes. So why should you get it repaired in the first place? One reason is that it could become a much bigger problem down the road.  Secondly,  leaking water is a waste of water. It is not the best thing when it comes to water conservation. Courtesy of, here are two effective methods to check for a hidden water leak in your home.

Checking The Meter –

Checking the water meter is the easiest way to see if you have a hidden water leak in your home. Go out and check the water meter. Write down the meter at that particular point in time. Now wait for a few hours without using any water. Remember, don’t turn on any water faucets for this specific period of time. After about two to three hours, check the meter again. There cannot be any change in the meter reading because you did not use any water. If there is any change, it means, there is a hidden water leak in your home. You need to immediately call a plumber to get this leak fixed. Once the leak is fixed, you will be able to save water again since it runs only when you require it.

Dye Testing Your Toilets –

Plumbing LeaksThis is another easy method to check for hidden water leaks in your home. It will help find any leaks in your toilet tank. When the parts in your toilet are old and rusty, or you have a defective toilet, the tank will leak into the bowl when the toilet is not being used. This will cause extra water to flow into the bowl and down the drain. It is such a sneaky leak that most homeowners do not notice it happening. It is not good for your water bill or environment after all. The dye test is the best way to detect these types of leaks. You can do it yourself with some food coloring or call a plumber to handle it. Add a few drop of food coloring to the tank in your toilet. Wait for some time and see if the water in the bowl starts to change color. If you find colored water in your toilet bowl, it is obvious that your tank is leaking on a sly. Make sure to flush the toilet if the dye starts leaking to the bowl. If not, it can stain the bowl if the dye is allowed to be there for long.

This is another instance where you need to call the professionals to repair the leak immediately. It will help you save on your water bill while conversing water at the same time.