Ducts and Health Problems

Untidy ducts in your HVAC system cause many problems including poor indoor air quality and higher utility costs.  When the air is contaminated, the pollutants are transferred throughout your home causing your family to possibly get sick. If it’s been a while since you’ve changed the filters or cleaned the ducts, you may start experiencing strange noises and smelling strange odors originating from the HVAC system, or frequent breakdowns.  If this is the case, contact a HVAC professional immediately.

Contaminants can also grow underneath wallpaper, carpeting, and sinks, on ceilings and inside the insulation systems which makes it difficult to fully eradicate them. Along with the high humidity levels during spring and summer, it can also lead to allergen growth, dust mites, cockroaches, pollen and mold infestations and other problems. This will produce stale or musty smells in the room.

Our families and other people inside the home will feel more stressed than usual and very groggy, disrupting their comfort levels. This can only be solved by either cleaning their home often or opening a window to let some of the air out, but only provide temporary relief. But, they can also have the option of having an indoor air purifier.

Dust accumulates through many ways, especially during home renovations. This dust gets into your heating and cooling system and circulates throughout your home, causing breathing difficulties and mucous membrane irritations.

Additionally, air ducts in your home may become clogged, which can reduce their performance. Many areas of an HVAC unit need the proper amount of air flow. Restricting the airflow can cause a unit to work that much harder. Neglecting the problem could cause your heating and cooling system to freeze up or stop working altogether.

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If the ducts are clean, you should check your system for leaks in the ductwork. Another thing you can do is to upgrade your HVAC system or improve the insulation in your home to further enhance indoor air quality.

You may also opt to have your heater, air conditioner, ductwork, and insulation be checked by a professional so that they can provide you with the knowledge on how to choose the best, most cost-effective way to save energy.

Rising Utility Bills

If your home’s utility bills seem higher than normal, you may need to clean your ducts. That way, you can eliminate drafts or warm spots from clogged ductwork, and you won’t have to use your heater or air conditioner as much to keep your family comfortable. In many homes, the HVAC system is responsible for about half the utility bill. Cleaning your ductwork and making your system more efficient will help you save money and energy.

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